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Peyto Lake Canadian Landscape Art

OIL 22″x24″

There’s a quote by Canadian politician Tommy Douglas, about Canada’s landscape that captures the essence of my work
“My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent.”
Though I was born outside of Canada, my heart belongs to this country. The COVID-19 pandemic has reopened my eyes to the vastness and beauty of the physical landscape of this country. From the majestic Maritime provinces to the Arctic tundra of the North to the Alberta Rockies. Each region of Canada tells of heroic stories through the richness of their uniquely individual landscapes.
I have always been inspired by the works of the Canadian Group of Seven. 
The works of Lauren Harris and Franklin Carmichael have always been a favorite of mine.
It is through these great Masters I have found inspiration in capturing the essence from which they too drew inspiration from. My design point was to try step outside of my comfort zone of fine lines and high detail realism. This was not easy. My natural tendency was to paint every level of detail. I wanted to hone in on the bold contrast, the geometrical shapes and the simplicity of a new stroke. Attempting to solicit a reaction of tranquility.
My research led me to paint Peyto Lake in Alberta, between Calgary and Edmonton, and just a bit west.
Truly hypnotic ! I fell in love with the blue water and the slopes of the mountain sides covered with snow. I can understand how Bill Peyto developed an intimacy with the regional geography of Banff National Park. I am sure that my reference photos do not do justice to really being there, but at this time, it is all that I have available at hand. I look forward to seeing the grandeur of it all in person once travel becomes normal once again.
I look forward to creating addition paintings that showcase Canada’s natural beauty and bringing forth the beauty of this great country to those equally in-love with the land we call home.


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Canadian Landscape Art

Canadian Landscape Art